PAN CEPH 3D Imaging

myray panoramic X-ray system, cephalometric X-ray system, dental CBCT scanner



Prosthodontics ( Crowns and Bridges )

It is not always possible to cover a tooth with a veneer. This could be the case, for example, when the tooth surface has already been significantly damaged by dental caries, leaky tooth fillings, or due to fractures. Normally these teeth will be covered with dental crowns. If your teeth have undergone root canal treatment or have extensive dental filings their risk of fracture will be diminished by crowns. A crown enfolds and reinforces the entire tooth so that it cannot break. An equal layer of tooth substance has to be removed so that the look of the natural teeth can be duplicated.

Bridges and Prostheses

The loss of one or multiple teeth can be caused in different ways. Heavy decay damages, damages to the periodontal apparatus, traumas caused by falling or some other accident, or a missing tooth bud after the deciduous tooth loss. Unfortunately a gap in the dental arc has more than just esthetic disadvantages. Without the the counter pressure of opponing teeth, the neighboring teeth may migrate into the gap. Additionally, the bone underneath the gap degenerates at an increased rate due to lack of load.

Depending on the size and quantity of gaps there are several ways to close them or to respectively recover their original function and esthetics. If only one tooth is missing it will be replaced by a bridge or an implant with a crown.

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